2019 from July 22 to Septembre 1, Choreographic Residence (Supported by Focuna) at Uferstudios Berlin for Locker Ruf. A research project around how written word and text interact with movement and dance, in cooperation with dancer Annick Schadeck

2018 First script in development, shooting dates to be determined

In 2017 Agency Filmartists took over the acting management

2017 March 30 Release of FASS MICH AN: Beats.Punchlines.Bitchmoves.

2016 since October 4 Own column called Vollrausch und Erholung

2016 from September 9 to December 21, 2018 editorial collaboration for Den Neie Feierkrop

2016 from September to November Performance project Hate Fuck, but sweet? for Hate Festival, production: Neimënster

2016 November 22 Premiere of Pura Vida, production: Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg / sparte4

2015 April to April 2016 One-Man Show „Huel se. Huel mech. Deng Mamm 2.0“, production: Neimënster

2015 from January to the end of 2016 tour throughout the German-speaking world with literary solo show „Dein langweiliges Leben“ (Your boring life)

2014 to 2016 Supporting role in The Dark Side of the Moon and Dreams Have a Language

2014 Writing and artistic direction for „Eine Schlacht“ (A Battle), played by Luc Schiltz, Production: Kulturhaus Niederanven

2013 to 2015 Starring role in The Wrong Place, The Legacy, and The Heat Wave

2013 Publication of Abführung der lebenswichtigen Mittelmäßigkeit

2012 to 2013 Writing and Artistic Direction for „Hier darf man noch rauchen“ (Here you still are allowed to smoke), played by Luc Feit, Production: Mudam

2012 until today Organizer and curator of various series of events and workshop leader for creative writing in high schools and youth organizations

2012 Small tour in German-speaking countries with a literary solo show „Lass uns trinken. Einmal noch.“ (Let’s drink. One more time.)

2012 Premiere of „Wenn nicht ich, wer denn sonst?“ (If not me, who else?), Production: Kulturfabrik Esch, Kulturhaus Niederanven, Prabbeli

2012 until June 7, 2019 Organization and presentation with Michel Abdollahi of Poetry Slam Luxembourg

2012 moved to Berlin

2010-2012 Supporting role in Tabu – Es ist die Seele ein Fremdes auf ErdenLibre Échange and Ibijazi

2010 Publication of So sehr du mich auch willst, du wirst mich immer mehr wollen (As much as you want me, you will always want me more and more), followed by a small reading tour called „Die kleine Unruhe“ (The little unrest)

2010 awarded artist scholarship by the state representative of NRW in Berlin

2008 until May 31, 2018 Countless short appearances as stage poet

2009 Premiere of „Stirb für mich“ (Die for me), production: Théâtre National du Luxembourg

2007-2012 studied Drama and Theater Studies with a special focus on Performance at Ludwig-Maximilians-University / Bavarian Theater Academy August Everding in Munich

2006 graduated from High School in Luxembourg

2005 performed first starring role in She.He.It

Born on May 24th 1985 in Luxembourg and proud son of immigrant parents